Words at War welcomes submissions from military, foreign policy, media and communication practitioners or students. Our contributors provide useful historical or contemporary perspectives about the connections between information, influence and strategy. Articles should avoid academic or professional jargon in favor of clear, concise writing accessible to informed general readers.

We deal in four major types of content:

  • Essays that analyze a current issue or historical case in order to provide practical guidance for future policies or strategies

  • Opinions that take a thoughtful or politely provocative position on a topic of current relevance to defense and media issues

  • Reviews on recent or classic books, films, products and services, or other sources of help and insight for readers.

  • Tools for professional communicators in the form of short instructional videos posted to our YouTube channel or written articles explaining communication concepts or providing tricks or the trade.

Please email your article to Microsoft Word is preferred for formatted text submissions. Hyperlinks to references are preferred to endnotes when your sources are online. Provide a short (no more than 200-word) biography at the end of your article. Include any non-copyrighted images you want included in the article as separate high-resolution JPEG or PNG files. Do not attempt to email video files. Send a link to a URL where we can view and download the video.

You will receive a response on your submission within a week.  Authors with regular submissions may be offered positions that allow them to publish directly to the site.

Have more detailed questions about publishing on our site? Review our Frequently Asked Questions, or ask us a new question via the submission form.


If I were you, I would state the facts as they were, without the pepper and salt.

Abraham Lincoln